134,663 Crime Cases Were Reported in 2017 – NBS

Crime Statistics on reported offences reflected that a total of 134,663 cases were reported in 2017. Offence against property has the highest number of cases reported with 68,579 of such cases reported. Offence against persons recorded 53,641 cases reported while offence against lawful authority recorded the least with 12,443 cases recorded respectively.

Lagos State has the highest percentage share of total cases reported with 50,975 (37.9%) cases recorded. Abia and Delta State followed closely with 12,408(9.2%) and 7,150(5.3%) cases recorded respectively. Kebbi State has the lowest percentage share of total cases reported with 205(0.2%) cases recorded. Kogi and Bauchi States followed closely with 282(0.20%) and 386(0.30%) cases recorded respectively.

It is pertinent to state that offence against persons are those offences against human beings e.g. murder, manslaughter, infanticide, concealment of birth, rape and other physical abuse while offence against properties are those offences against human belonging, properties of any kind e.g. stealing, receiving stolen properties, obtaining property by false pretence, robbery, burglary and house breaking.

Offences against lawful authority are any offence commitment against any establishment of the law e.g. failure to pay your tax (FIRS) amounts to an offence against lawful authority in Nigeria.

Data on Numbers of Area Commands, Divisions, Stations, Police Posts And Village Posts reflected that there are 12 Zonal Commands, 37 Commands, 217 Area Commands, 1730 Divisions Head Quarter, 1212 Police Stations, 2020 Police Post and 328 Police Village Post as at 2017.



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