Adeosun Seeks World Bank’s Support To Reform Power Sector, Grow Economy – Adeosun



Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun has called on the World Bank to support Nigeria in reforming its power sector to accelerate growth in Nigeria economy.

Speaking during a courtesy visit by the World Bank Africa Vice President, Hafez Ghanem, urged the World Bank with its expertise to help Nigeria to reform the power sector.

“Our interaction with the World Bank has been how we can leverage on World Bank technical capacities, global know how, global reach and from experience to ensure that we not only preserve the growth. It’s quite a slow growth at the moment but we accelerate this growth, but more importantly that we sustain the growth.”

She however commended the World Bank over its ongoing projects in the country saying, “we have some quite exciting new project particularly at Sub-national government level, and the fiscal transparency accountability project the World Bank is helping us.

“That was something we originate but the World Bank took to finance it. This is what the World Bank has done very well.

“It is a home grown project which the World Bank brought its expertise to help our states with fiscal sustainability and transparency.”

“My objective is to help Africa grow and reclaim the 21st century, if you talk about growth in Africa, you have to talk about Nigeria the largest county in Africa.

“Africa cannot grow unless Nigeria grows and so for us at World Bank Nigeria is a very high priority.”

On his part, Ghanem said his mission was to help Nigeria economy grow faster and achieve all it developmental objectives.


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