Ambode trains workers on conflict resolution, chaos

The ability for workers in Lagos State to persuade, negotiate, resolve conflicts and avoid chaos is crucial to the development and peace of the State, Govenor Akinwunmi Ambode has said.
The Governor made this statement during a workers training held in Lagos, tagged, “Building Values And Sound Human Relations Skills in Lagos State Civil Service”.
Represented by the Commissioner, Lagos State Ministry of Establishments, Training and Pensions, Dr. Akintola Benson, he said the workers are expected to be able to identify and spot potentials for conflicts before they fester into full blown crisis.
He pointed out that the world is fast changing and issues are becoming more complex, adding that the State need workers who are able to make critical observations.
He said: “A refined officer is expected to have the skills to solve problems. The State need people who can be left on their own to figure out how to resolve conflicts and avoid chaos and ill feelings. You are expected to be able to identify and spot potentials for conflicts before they fester into full blown crisis. Indeed, the ability to persuade, negotiate and resolve conflicts is crucial if you plan to move up. You need to have the skills to develop mutually beneficial relationships in the State so you can influence and persuade people. You also need to be able to negotiate win-win solutions to serve the best interests of the State and the individuals involved.”
“As officers of the State who is in charge of important organizations, you must be able to observe and critically assess the impact and consequence of developments as they arise and, sometimes, even before they arise.”
Ambode noted that the objective of the training is to inculcate and sharpen the vital interpersonal human relations skills and values that officers of the State Civil Service require to properly and fully serve the government and the people of Lagos State.
This is why we have also ensured that we keep our officers happy to achieve good human relations and productivity, he added.
“A happy worker is a productive worker. A business relies on the productivity of its employees and that is where human relations comes into play.”
He told the workers that as an officer of the State Civil Service, they will attain better performance heights if they possess good communication skills.
“This doesn’t mean you have to be a brilliant orator or writer. It does mean you have to express yourself well, whether it is writing a coherent memo, persuading others with a presentation or just being able to calmly explain to a team member what is needed.

“Also, your department will become more effective and efficient if you can work in a team and collaborate. The State Civil Service wants people who play well with others and can effectively work as part of a team”, he said.


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