COVID-19: The Need To Invest In Our Health Sector

BY ONOSEN DIVINE ALEGBE-The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented disruptions of global lockdown economy.

These outcomes have had severe consequences on households’ livelihoods and business activities, resulting from drop in global demand, declined consumer confidence and slowdown in production.

Whilst, our government act quickly and decisively. Its advisable they also take into account the long-term consequences of actions taken in choosing between the alternatives; Its important to plan not only how to overcome the immediate threat, but plan towards the kind of nation we are going to have after the Pandemic episode passes.

This Storm has actually paved way for unprecedented cooperation from all sphere of influence in the country. Its so admiring to see Nigerians come forward to support the government in diverse capacity. And the body of Christ is also not left out in this, which makes it truly commendable.

Who would have thought a time like this will ever exist in mankind where persons, even with all their affluence and resources at their disposal will not have the luxury of traveling outside the country for medical attention but rather constrained to use their local
Medical facilities. That is why, i plead with our government to plan towards boosting and empowering our health sector as well as health personnel all over the nations. These people risks their lives and that of their family to save lives. So its my hope that at the end of this Pandemic episode, we look forward to a new health sector in Nigeria.

Finally, My stand on covid-19 is that, because it has a name, then i’m glad it can be defeated because there is a name higher than every other name and its JESUS Christ. So people, trust God to empower and teach researchers all over the world as well as the medical personnels, how to create the vaccine solution for this Pandemic.

The earth is Lord and everything in it (psalms 24). This is my confidence that this episode too will pass. Hallelujah!!!!

We stand and support our government in this trying times.

ONOSEN DIVINE ALEGBE is the Chairperson of the Legal Committee of the Nigerian Insurers Association, (NIA).


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