Customer Service Week: IEI-Anchor Pension Takes On Hepatitis

Mr. Glory Etaduovie, MD/CEO, IEI-Anchor Pensions Limited



BY NKECHI NAECHE—–In today’s competitive business landscape, health and welfare of customers are paramount for pension operators to realise enhanced customer value.

IEI-Anchor Pension Limited is one of the pension Fund operators  at the forefront of driving customer experience through better health service.

In celebrating this year’s Customer Service Week, IEI-Anchor is restating its commitment to always consider customer’s needs and continue to seek ways to improve overall customer experience by looking at critical health issues that impact  its customers, and seeking better ways to address their health challenge to enable a more efficient customer experience.

Customer service week has become popular by the yearly celebration of patronage and brand loyalty to organisations across the globe. It started in the United States of America when the International Customer Service Association (ICSA) launched it in 1984 to underscore the importance of customer service and customers as the life-blood of corporate existence. It is now an International event that spotlights the customer, the people and processes that serve them.

Consequently, the Corporate Service Unit of IEI-Anchor Pensions has stated that as part of activities lined up for the global Customer Service Week, it has chosen a very modest way to give back to the society; which the company has gained so much from.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drive of the organization has seen the development of a plan of action to address the issue of Hepatitis, which has become a major public health concern. It is responsible for so much needless loss of lives in Nigeria, especially in recent times.

Tagged as one of the “silent killers”, with a record of about 5 million deaths annually by a February 2018 report, Nigeria had one of the highest prevalence of hepatitis b infections in the world in 2016.

It is quite disheartening to note that while deaths attributed to other diseases of great public concern are on the decline, the same cannot be said about viral hepatitis which seems to witness a steady rise in fatalities despite advances made in prevention and treatment.

These surveys have been carried out by organizations of repute such as the Global Burden of Disease, a non-governmental body as well as the World Health Organization.

The situation is made even more worrisome considering the limited number of health facilities as well as experts who have to contend with the large number of patients, considering the population and size of our country.
Patients who detect these infections early enough however have a greater chance of survival which is the thrust of IEI Anchor Pensions position in this fight.

We want to champion a course of periodic health checks as well as public enlightenment in all there is to know about this disease.

For our Customer Service Week we will be engaging our customers in health lectures as well as checks to ascertain their health status in relation to this dreaded ailment. We realize that this silent killer can only make incursions into a nations health system where ignorance is ingrained.

As the major stake holders in our operations and success story, we see our customers as partners in the growth and development of the pension industry and the economic benefits it presents to the nation.

Our doors are wide open to our customers as we would love nothing more than a healthy society which surely is a happy and successful one.



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