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Expert Urge Insurance Professionals To Develop Themselves

BY NKECHI NAECHE– The doyen of insurance industry, Olola Bode Ogunlana, has challenged the leadership and members of chartered Insurance institute of Nigeria (CIIN) on the need to develop themselves and take back the industry and place the profession where it rightfully belong.

The doyen gave this charge at the institute 60th anniversary gala night that if the industry must move forward and be reckon with by the political class there is need for the professional in the industry to continue to develop themselves not only in insurance but areas that affect the policy holders who are also their customers.

He urged tem not to only focus on their product but should be able to speak to policy holders in the landuage thatthey understands.

In a keynote address the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) ably represented by the deputy commissioner for Insurance (Technical), Mr. Sunday Thomas urged the institute to take ideas and solution proffered by stakeholders to move the institute and the industry in General forward.

He also urged the institute to join force with the commission to achieve its objectives.

Earlier in a welcome address the chairman and president of the governing board of CIIN, Mr Eddie Efekoha while commending the past presidents for their contributions to the institute assured its members that “As the 49th President of the Institute, I assure you on behalf of the governing council that we will not ensure that the Institute continues to retain its pride of place within the Insurance Industry in Nigeria and beyond.

“We will encourage and involve our young professionals in the affairs of both the institute and the industry. Mentor them on the values of professionalism, integrity, ethical conduct, which you, our elders, hold very dear to your hearts such that in another sixty years from now they would look back and say that they have neither disappointed you nor themselves. Indeed they will celebrate many milestones and our industry would be better for it. The common comparison of the Nigerian markòet vis a vis what exists in other climes would have seized to exist


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