Fidelity Bank Staff Protest: Fidelity Bank Insist Is Not Owing Staff, Salaries, Severance Packages or Gratuity

Our attention has been drawn to the demonstrations at some of our Business offices in Lagos.

The actions, aimed at preventing innocent customers from carrying out their banking transactions, is the handiwork of a few disengaged drivers from one of our vendor companies.

We understand that the drivers who were in the past outsourced to the bank, have been paid their severance packages and entitlements by their employers.

For the avoidance of doubt, we state categorically that Fidelity Bank is not owing staff salaries, severance packages or gratuity payments as erroneously being portrayed.

We are a responsible financial institution, operating in Nigeria and guided by the laws of the land. Whilst we are not against the right to constituted assembly, these actions are clearly unwarranted and obviously misdirected.

We are initiating legal measures to put a stop to this corporate harassment and we urge the relevant authorities, including the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) to note this threat to the conduct of our legitimate business.

Thank you.

Charles Aigbe

Divisional Head, Brand & Communications.


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  1. This is rubbish. We saw some staff protesting yesterday at Adeola Odeku yesterday. If those staffs did not work for them there’s no way they will have the impetus to stand in front of the fidelity bank to protest. Nkechi Naeche is misleading the public. We saw them and took their pictures . I have also taking my time to write about them in my own page. This injustice must stop. Let fidelity settle their workers and let this madness stop. Those staff vowed that no amount of intimidation will stop them from what they are doing. Nkechi Naeche and members of public should take note pls. Fidelity is owning their staff. And the money must be paid, or we take it to the next level.

  2. This is lie how can the management came out on air saying they are not owing, I interviewed them they have not paid any money to them, let our government and CBN look into the matter. Thanks

  3. How can you justify the fact that you are not owing this people?
    For this young men to have come out in mass to protest against your institutions that means your institutions did not do the needful.
    Because you can not outsource your staff like that without paying them for numbers of year’s the have work. Please let the needful be done so that both parties live in peace.
    Thank you.

  4. Am beginning to entertain fear and dout, about my had earned money inside fidelity bank.
    I have withness about four to five times protest from some of it’s staff that their entitlement have been denied.
    How much is the said money that fidelity bank cannot pay this poor men and let them move on with their lives. If it continue this way I have no option than to withdraw all my fund from the bank.
    Thank you.

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