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Ghana : Digitise or die – Donewell CEO to Insurers

Seth Aklasi, Chief Executive Officer of Donewell Insurance Company Limited.




Insurance companies in the country should implement digital systems for transacting business, Chief Executive Officer of Donewell Insurance Company Limited, Seth Aklasi has advised.

He was of the view that digital innovations provide new opportunities for additional premiums in the insurance industry.

Speaking in an interview with Class Business on the sidelines of the launch of the 25th anniversary of Donewell Insurance Company Limited, Mr Aklasi emphasised that companies who refuse to evolve by digitising will soon be out of business.

“It is a fact and if you don’t go that way, you die because people might not want to travel in traffic for two hours or three hours to just come buy insurance. There should be some convenient way for them buying insurance,” he emphasised.

Donewell Insurance Company Limited was incorporated in Ghana on 3 November 1988 and was registered as an insurer by the National Insurance Commission (NIC) on 26 February 1993.

It is a private limited liability company owned by the Methodist Church, institutional investors, professional trade associations and other individuals.

As the company marks 25 years of business in the country, the management has promised exciting tailor-made products to serve the needs of its clientele.



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