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Great Nigeria Insurance launches Pan-Nigeria radio campaign

Mrs.  Osipitan



Great Nigeria Insurance (GNI) Plc has launched a Pan-Nigeria radio campaign in the major local dialects highlighting the brand’s value proposition with the different products under its stable.

According to the firm, the campaign which commenced in this quarter is to further compliment the positive media mention that the brand gathered with the on-going radio programs of two sponsored radio programs; the GNIONGO radio program on Traffic radio 96.1FM aired every Friday between 12:15pm and 12:30pm and the Multilingual Oga Driver radio program on Star101.5FM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10:15am and 10:45am. The campaign is hinged on harnessing the enormous opportunities that are inherent in the Nigerian economy vis-a-vis the insurance industry in the country.

The firm said the sponsorship programs will amongst other elements, educate the insuring public on the features, benefits and value on all of the different products on offer and the unique customer service experience that await prospective customers in any of the company’s offices nationwide. The campaign is also intended to give more vent to the GNI Brand and expound on the awareness drive for insurance patronage in the country.

The Company’s Corporate Communications and Brand Manager, Ms. Oyinkansola Sobande, said the major militating factor against optimal patronage can be pigeon holed to lack of adequate information which she explained can be effectively addressed through proper enlightenment.

She further explained that the radio advertisement materials were developed as sing along jingles in local dialects with simple words which everyone can easily identify with. The simplicity of the advert concepts is geared towards making would-be customers irrespective of their socio-economic status to easily identify with the brand, recognize their insurable needs and ultimately get on the Great Nigeria Insurance Plc Train.

The Managing Director/CEO of the underwriting firm, Mrs. Cecilia O. Osipitan, posited that awareness creation is very germane to the advancement and development of the Insurance Industry in Nigeria and any other corporate entity for that matter.

This, according to her, will constantly inform and remind existing and prospective customers of available products and services being offered by the organisation. Conclusively, she mentioned that the campaign would help enhance a larger coverage of prospective customers in localities yet to benefit from the product offerings of Great NigeriaInsurance Plc.

The company remains committed to actualising its vision “To be the insurance company of choice for keeping promises to stakeholders,” she said.

Great Nigeria Insurance Plc is a composite insurance company, underwriting both Life and Non-Life insurance businesses. The bouquet of products available under the stable of the organization includes: Investment Linked Education Plan, Contractors’ All risk, Oil & Gas, Marine, Professional Indemnity, Motor, Personal Accident Policy, Travel & Health, Great Savers Delight: an Investment linked savings plan amongst others.


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