Group accuses Dangote of meddling in Osun politics

Ahead of the governorship election in Osun State, South West Nigeria, a political action group in Osun State, Omoluabi United has accused Africa’s richest man Alhaji Aliko Dangote of meddling in the politics of the state, while advising him to stay away from the partisan fray.

In a statement, Omoluabi United called on Dangote to eschew the word on social media and a YouTube message that he would deploy his wealth in support of the PDP candidate Ademola Adeleke.

In an open letter, the Omoluabii United said the people of Osun State shared similar values with Alhaji Dangote which “are common values like truthfulness, selflessness, integrity, modesty, assiduity, and industry”.

They stated, “Given our shared preference for stellar values, we are horrified to hear in the news making the rounds in our state that a charlatan boasts of how he would deploy your money to buy the electorate of Osun. True to his character, he brags not of his own money but to utilise the funds Alhaji Dangote earned from customers in Osun State and others in Nigeria from his enterprise and apply it to unwholesome ends.

“Your wealth is yours to deploy as you deem fit. We assume, however, that you would always cherish positive associations and not negative ones. We urge you to exalt the values that you love, and that best describes you in the politics of Osun State.”

Omoluabi United then pleaded: “Please do not elevate the wrong values, by association, in Osun State. Do not do to Osun State what you would not wish on Kano State or any progressive geographical space in Nigeria. Or on any of the companies under the Dangote Group.

“You would not hire to run any part of Dangote Group a character without the necessary school certificate, a waffler, a fellow with no record of any personal attainment in any of life’s undertakings.”

Spokesman of Omoluabi United, Opeyemi Ige, said the message to Aliko Dangote was a plea born out of the need to avoid a significant error in the State.


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