Hilarious Social Media Reactions Trail MMM Founder’s Death

Hilarious social media reactions have trailed news of the death of Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox (MMM) Founder, Sergei Mavrodi.

The Russian Ponzi scheme founder died of heart attack on Monday, at the age of 62.

According to Russia media reports, Mavrodi was rushed to the hospital late on March 25 with pain in his chest and died several hours later.

The news of his death took some Nigerians by surprise why many others simply posted hilarious comments on Twitter leading to the trend of #SergeyMavrodi. A few others, however, recounted their ordeal after investing in the Ponzi scheme before it eventually crashed in Nigeria.

Mavrodi’s Ponzi schemes under the MMM in Nigeria generated huge controversies, especially in the year 2016 when the scheme reportedly crashed.

The failed operations of the scheme developed into deeper controversies with some victims attempting suicide.

This situation got the attention of Nigeria’s House of Representatives initiating a process to probe the operations of the Ponzi scheme.


Source Channels Television


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