IEI Anchor Pensions Set Goals For 2018

* Says Customers Welfare and Better Returns On Investments Are It's Priority

Glory Etaduovie




BY NKECHI NAECHE——-Poised to improve and impact positively to the pension industry, IEI Anchor Pensions Limited has unveiled its goals for pensioners and the industry in general in 2018.

The Managing Director/ CEO, Glory Etaduovie disclosed this to BusinessToday Newsonline that the company have chosen the theme “GET THE EDGE”, adding that they know they are not among the biggest pension fund administrations but this makes them smarter and nimble in it’s responsiveness to client needs.
According to him the customers are the excess of their existance and will continue to put smiles on the faces in 2018 by keeping in contact with them through the various channels introduced by the company.

He said “We know we are not amongst the biggest PFAs, but this makes us smarter and nimble in our responsiveness to client needs. That is the EDGE – the more personal touch. The Customer is the main thing – making the “main thing” When they smile we smile.

“Our skills from marketing, contributions, investment, benefit payments and Retiree management have been “horned”. There is a lot of Pension business ignorance out there, too. We will engage in a lot of advisory services, too. There are lots of permutations and hypothetical assumptions out there that does not take into consideration of economic and political realities and vagaries year on year.
“We also charged ourselves to deliver returns that will out play the inflation rate, thus ensuring we meet the overriding objectives of the Pension Industry.

Speaking on opinion on the various pension agitations, he said: “Some People are laid back toward preparing for their pension years. Many people only start to prepare for retirement as late as age 45 to 50 years. That is why their agitation and worries are heightened. Their quality of life long before retirement and proactive self-development adds value who and what one will be before and at pensionable age.

“If we get it right, our agitations will be minimal and our pension will be waiting for us and not the reverse alongside much agitation. Remember, they say that the kettle of water you wait for to boil, takes longer time.

“Pension money only augments who and what we have been. It should not be the main thing. Pension money is not business capital. It is not for house building. It is not for skill acquisition. As much as possible, these should be achieved earlier depending on our strengths and capacity. What is wrong is sitting down and waiting for Pension without other previous initiatives many long years before retirement. There is thus a lot of pre and post retirement enlightenment needed,” he said.


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