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Insurance Brokers are an integral part of our business – GN Insurance CEO

The Insurance Broker is a vital partner in our quest to provide value for our customers who buy an insurance product to solve a problem or another, Chief Executive Officer of GN Insurance, Albert Eyeson-Ghansah, has maintained.

He stipulated that in order for GN Insurance to be one of the few most preferred insurance institution in the country, a solid partnership with members of the Ghana Insurance Brokers Association (GIBA) was vital for the business.

Insurance Brokers, noted for their expertise in insurance and risk management, act on behalf of their clients and provide advice in the interests of the clients. They use their professional knowledge and experience to help clients properly assess insurance needs as well as shop for the best value in insurance coverage.

Speaking at an event organized by GN Insurance to provide platform for an interaction with Insurance Brokers, Mr. Eyeson-Ghansah said his outfit is dedicated to providing excellent customer service by satisfying them better than their competitors through Brokers.

He said, “We believe that with the increasingly dynamic and competitive market such as the one we have, companies which are most likely to succeed in the long run are those that take notice of customers’ needs and wants and gear themselves to satisfying them better than their competitors.”

The CEO asserted that although the financial institution just started, he was of the hope that it will grow and become like other successful insurance companies.

He added, “We are encouraged that the world performing big companies were yesterday’s new startup companies who chose to thread the path of hard work, discipline, professionalism, solid relationship, good cooperate governance and above all being genuinely responsive to the needs and wants of customers.”

Vice President of the GIBA, Shaibu Ali, however warned GN Insurance to be careful in their dealings with members of GIBA since they are the solicitors for customers.

“I believe that if GN Insurance will survive then GN Insurance must double-check how it deals with Insurance Brokers,” he stressed.

He explained that, Brokers, although affable, can be difficult to deal with.

“So whatever you do with Brokers, do not at any point in anytime take any Broker for granted. It doesn’t matter if it’s the smallest Broker or the biggest Broker,” he urged.

Mr. Ali applauded the move to bring the Brokers Association on board, which many insurers he admitted do not consider.

He advised that staying on track and paying attention to the necessary details will take the institution a long way with Brokers.





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