Investdata Holds 2022 Q1 Masterclass On Actionable Trading Plans

As part of helping investors and traders start early to reposition for robust returns, stay ahead of inflation, and make the best of the pre-election, in their journey to financial independence, Investdata Consulting Limited, will on Sunday, January 2, 2022, hold its regular Q1 Master Class.

The event tagged “Actionable Trading Plans for 2022,” which is slated to hold in the afternoon, according to a statement by Ambrose Omordion, chief research officer, Investdata Consulting, will equip participants with “best trading strategies for the first earnings reporting season of the new year.”

They will also learn how professional traders manage risks, and four simple steps for consistently profitable trading and investing, in addition to helping them identify and forecast trends with precision and conviction. This is in addition to helping to discover the power of earnings and volume in any market cycle, planning as a successful tool for traders and investors, and five Hot Stocks for capital appreciation and Five Double-digit Dividend Paying Companies.

Critical posers for self as investors begin their action plans, Omordion continued, include: where you want to be financially by the end Q1 2022 end, starting with positioning in the right stocks at the first trading day and week in 2022; how much money you hope to make from trading the peak of earnings season; are your current trading strategies and plans working for you, or do you need to research new strategies or new investment windows to trade? Also, he urged those who are disillusioned after losing money this year, or have a small profit size, to get the trade map being offered at the masterclass.

To take part and be among successful investors and traders in Q1 2022, interested participants are to send “STOCK” to 08028164085, 08179547605” Omordion added. 


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