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Joyce Ojemudia Becomes New PILA President


Professional Insurance Ladies Association (PILA) has elected Mrs. Joyce Ojemudia as its new President to drive the affairs of the professional insurance ladies body for the next two years​.

Ojemudia who takes over from Mrs. Ose Oluyanwo becomes the 13th President of PILA, which serves as an advocacy group to promote gender mainstreaming and equal opportunities in the Insurance sub-sector of the financial services industry. The Association is keenly concerned with promoting forthrightness in women in the insurance industry.

With almost two decades of versatile work experience in the insurance industry, Mrs. Joyce Ojemudia is expected to bring her wealth of knowledge and contact to position ladies in insurance business for prime position in the industry and financial services sector in Nigeria and globally.

In her acceptance speech on Friday 29th of May,the new President of PILA, Mrs. Joyce Ojemudiasaid she and her teamwill continue to build on the strength and accomplishments of her predecessors, whilst also givingvigorous attention to taking on new directions.

She said the focus of her tenure would be anchored on the theme: ‘Mission To Movement’, whilst promising to continually apprise members with details of the thrust of office as time progresses.

Ojemudia said one of her key priorities is the completion of PILA Secretariat. “The completion of our Secretariat remains our first priority as this will open a new chapter in the history of our prestigious Association and give significant brand equity to the Association. It will also open new vista of financial resources to the Association.”

According to her, capacity building will be given serious attention during the two years tenure through training and retraining of members. “Realising that no institution could rise beyond the human resource content of its members, PILA under the current leadership will continue with zeal,its numeroustraining programs and also not shy away from imparting the right knowledge on members for their effectiveness in all spheres of life.”

“Under this regime, we shall strengthen our Mentorship program, geared towards mentoring our members to be the best and to navigate successfully through the diverse challenges which we face as professional women. We shall deliberately put in place strategic programs to fish out upwardly mobile and progressive professional ladies and assign mentors to them.” 

Other key focus of her tenure will be Membership Drive; PILA Foundation (‘operation’ catch them young);Local Chapters and AfricanExpansion, as well as Strategic Management.

“We shall create strategic engagements and alliances with Federal and State Ministries of Women Affairs and other female Professional groups for mutually beneficial relationship. The intention is to make the voice of PILA more heard in the scheme of things in the country.”

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