LafargeHolcim Unveils Special Concrete, Tailor-Made Solutions for Switzerland’s Highest Building

June 21, 2018/LafargeHolcim

Start of delivery for ultra-high performance concrete for second Roche Tower in Basel
Construction will be Switzerland’s highest building as of 2022
New project win for LafargeHolcim following successful participation in first Roche Tower
LafargeHolcim has started delivering the first materials for the construction of the second Roche Tower (Building 2) in Basel. The company is offering an integrated solution of different materials such as ultra-high performance concrete and services that were specifically designed for the challenging construction. Essential for high-rises, the solutions from LafargeHolcim guarantee high-compressive strength and low hydration heat of the concrete used for the massive foundation and core walls – a key requirement to prevent cracks and save on construction costs to avoid additional cooling. For the project, LafargeHolcim is capitalizing on its successful contract for the first Roche Tower (Building 1) and its extensive track-record in making sophisticated high-rise buildings possible.

Marcel Cobuz, Region Head Europe, said: “We are proud to lend our experience to this landmark building. Our Swiss technical teams have developed special concrete and two tailor-made cements to turn the tapered architectural vision of architects Herzog & de Meuron into reality. Our specially developed cements are not only performance optimized but also reduce CO2 emissions by up to 30 percent compared to traditional Portland cement.”

Construction is taking place in a densely populated urban environment, so state-of-the-art logistics also play an important role for the success of the landmark project. LafargeHolcim is using locally produced building materials as both the cement and the aggregates are delivered from its plants close to the construction site. The tailor-made production planning allows for just-in-time rail delivery of large amounts of material as close to the construction site as possible. Shortening the transport distance also helps minimize CO2 emissions.

In addition, employees and builders on site as well as the residents of the local neighborhood benefit from the strong health and safety focus of LafargeHolcim. The company has introduced a range of measures to reduce noise during transport and application of its products, including a special plastic coating for the trailers of its gravel trucks to ensure a quieter discharging process.

Highest building in Switzerland as of 2022
Upon completion in 2022, the tower will be the highlight of Basel’s skyline and Switzerland’s highest building, at 205 meters and 50 floors. Holcim Switzerland, LafargeHolcim’s local company, together with contractor Marti AG, has developed an integrated concept that fulfils the customer’s strong quality and sustainability requirements.

Extensive experience with high-rise constructions
Solutions from LafargeHolcim have played an important role for the construction of many other high-rise projects. In Switzerland, the company delivered materials for the Prime Tower in Zurich, the country’s highest building until the opening of the first Roche Tower. In London, LafargeHolcim delivered its particularly light concrete for 70 St Mary Axe, the latest high-rise project in the City, due to be completed by the end of the year.


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