Let’s Embrace Electric Vehicles Now- Olagunju

Nigeria should join the global community in adopting the use of electric vehicles (EVs), Assistant Corps Marshal, Federal Road Safety Corps, (FRSC). Dr Kayode Olagunju has said

 According to Olagunju, it’s time to start investing, adding that “The reality is that the impact on the oil presently and even in decades to come is minimal.”

 In an address on Saturday in Lagos at the Investiture of 2nd Club President of Rotary Club of Epe Metropolitan District 9110, Olagunju advised that Nigeria should not use  oil producing status as an excuse not to join the global train.

 Olagunju in his position paper titled: “The Advent of Electric Vehicles and the reality on the Nigerian Oil Economy,” explained that there will always be demand for our oil even in transportation as the ICE and EVs will still coexist for a long time.

 He explained that there will still be demands for oil in industrial and other sectors.

According to Olagunju: “Embracing EVs should even be seen as part of our diversification efforts as there are huge benefits to neutralize the minimal loses, if any from oil revenue.

 “Nigeria should avoid becoming a dumping ground for phased-out ICE vehicles because of the environmental, safety and other consequences. Electric Vehicles are here. Let us embrace now.”

 Part of his paper read: “The first step is to embrace EVs as a country and eliminate the thought that it will be suicidal to join the global moves for electric Vehicles as an oil producing nation. The effect on the oil demand is still minimal and even on a long term, it can not be compared with the benefits.

 “The ICE and EVs will co-exist for many decades while hybrid vehicles will still use gasoline. There are also other needs for our crude both locally and internationally.

 “Other modes of transportation will still require our oil, while industrial and other needs for example electricity (what an irony?) will still increase.

 “Even major global oil players are keying into the EV revolution. If we want to maintain our relevance in African and global economy, the country should join the global trends.

“The National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) should spearhead the plans on EVs in Nigeria.

“The Council should partner universities, research institutes and other stakeholders on research and other efforts that will lead to the emergence and successful integration of Nigeria EVs . The Council should also partner with manufacturers both locally and internationally as Nigeria joins the train.

“Universities and other educational institutions should not only engage in research but also in the development of skill sets required in the management of the EVs. Technical institutions should help in training mechanics and relevant professionals with the right skills for the EVs management.

There should be Public-Private-Partnership in the manufacture of EVs in the Country. Let us encourage our private sector to invest in EVs. Let us mandate our automotive companies to explore it. We can actually give a deadline for the production with adequate governmental support.

Provision of Infrastructure like Charging Stations/Points should be vigorously pursued. Filling station operators should be encouraged to have EV charging points provided in all their stations. Other interest groups should also be encouraged to participate while government should invest in public charging points”.


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