Nigeria Automates Processing Of Business Permits And Expatriate Quota

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Nigeria’s Ministry of Interior is launching an e-citibiz portal for online processing of permits including business permits, expatriate quotas, citizenship applications and licenses to officiate marriages. The platform is designed to ease current challenges with some of the application processes.

Effective from 7 May 2018, the initial pilot run of the e-platform will kick-off with expatriate quota applications to determine success before a wide scale implementation.

Applicants are required to register on the platform by uploading specified information on the database and requirements for obtaining the expatriate quota. The platform is expected to generate unique application file numbers and verification codes which can be used to track applications with minimal physical intervention.

The migration to the new platform may result in initial delay or extended processing times. Companies are therefore advised to plan the movement/relocation of their employees and renewal of existing quota approvals in advance to accommodate any possible delays.

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eCitiBiz is a highly customizable and industry standard organizational operations system designed to electronically capture and pivot all aspects of the operations and work flow of the Citizenship and Business (C&B) Department of Ministry Of Interior. It best describes the integration and automation of the department; core functions, services and process for streamlined operations.

The services offered include:

Expatriate Quota Services

Based on the provisions of immigration Act, 1963 which relates to the employment of expatriates in Nigeria, the Ministry of Interior has been charged with a lot of duties. The eCitiBiz portal thereby, is here to help facilitate these duties through online automation.


In accordance to the Marriage Act, CAP M6 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 As Amended, The Ministry of Interior is charged with carrying out statutory marriages in Nigeria.The eCitiBiz portal will make registration of marriages easy and stress free.

Place Of Worship

In accordance with the 1990 Marriage Act, all places of worship need to be licensed in order to conduct marriages legally in Nigeria. A place of worship can only be licensed by the Ministry of Interior, and the eCitiBiz portal works to make this licensing process more efficient. All marriages would be registered and stored in the eCitiBiz database.


The Ministry of Interior has been charged with the duty of granting citizenships to non Nigerians. The eCitiBiz portal has been developed to make the process of applying for various Citizenship services easier and more efficient.

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