Nigeria, Ghana seek infrastructure development through nuclear power

Chairman of the Nigerian Atomic Energy Commission (NIGATOM), Professor Simon P. Mallam and Director General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), Professor Benjamin Nyarko, have said the African region needed to focus on infrastructure development through clean nuclear energy.

They stated this at the 10th international ATOMEXPO Forum in Sochi, Russia, with the theme: Global Partnership- Joint Success. Praising nuclear energy as the way forward, Nyarko revealed that they have converted from highly enriched uranium to low enriched uranium with the process that would cost about $20 million.

Mallam pointed out that both countries were still using a research reactor, adding that it was their desire to add to the research reactor as soon as possible, as this would enable them to undertake groundbreaking research in advanced capacities.

Nigeria has been trying to include nuclear power in its energy mix for a while now to meet the increasing demand for electricity and support its economic development and has been developing its nuclear power infrastructure for several years, with plans to fully introduce nuclear power by 2024.


Source The Guardian


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