PDP Decries Invasion of Senate…Accuses APC, Presidency


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) condemns the invasion of the National Assembly and decries the seizure of the Senate mace as a direct assault on the legislature and bold attempt to truncate Nigeria’s democracy.

We note that this offensive has been emboldened by series of
interferences and direct attacks by the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Buhari Presidency on the institution of the National Assembly, particularly the Senate.

The APC has foisted on our nation an irredeemable autocracy, which has in three years of governance, gone beyond limits to force Nigerians to accept a government that has no respect for freedom and the ideals of democracy, particularly the constitutional separation of powers.

Is it not strange that a legislative day appointed to further deliberate
on the re-ordering of sequence of election will be the day that strange
elements would invade the National Assembly, particularly, the hallowed
chambers of the Senate, to disrupt legislative proceeding and seize the

Equally strange is the compromising of security in the National Assembly paving the way for the invasion.

The parliament, all over the world, is the bastion of democracy, without
which government becomes autocratic and totalitarian.

We urge Nigerians to pause and reflect on the series of assaults on our legislature under the current dispensation; the persecution and
harassment of the leaders and members of the Senate on trumped-up charges, including declaring a serving senator wanted by the Police.

We therefore charge the National Assembly to bring forth every
legislative instrument to protect itself from external aggressions as
well as unravelling every persons, offices and institutions that played
any form of roles in this wild attempt to scuttle our hard earned

Our nation has accepted democracy as the best form of governance. Those whose adrenaline cannot accommodate democracy and its constitutionally guaranteed tenets should either shape in or be forced to conform with the best ideals of democracy.


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