Power Supply Crossed The 4,000MWh Threshold In 19 Out of The 30-day Review Period


December 28, 2018/ FDC

The average power output from the national grid within the review period was 4,038MWh/h, 7.62% higher than the average of 3,752MWh/h in the corresponding period in October.

On grid power supply crossed the 4,000MWh/hour threshold in 19 out of the 30-day review period.

This can be attributed partly to hydrogenerated power output as there was no record of water constraints in November. Despite a significant improvement in power output, the sector lost N38.18bn (annualized at N458.16bn).

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd.


We expect the average power supply to remain around current levels of 3,800MWh/h – 4,000MWh/h provided there are no gas pipeline disruptions.


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