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STACO Insurance Plc Holds Inaugural Women’s Conference

PRESS RELEASE—-Staco Insurance Plc, one of the leading insurance companies had her first ever Women’s Conference for her female employees.

The conference which was themed “Towards Professional Advancement” was borne out of the need to drive and encourage professionalism amongst the female employees of the company.

Speaking during the event, the Director of Human Resources and Administration, Mrs. Tobore Ojumah noted that the objective of the conference was to consolidate the female employees, increase the interaction between the women folks in the company.

She noted also that the conference was aimed at helping the women folks to better manage their professional and personal lives, there needs to be a balancing of both areas of the woman life to be a true success in life. And lastly, from the holistic approach, the conference will enhance engagement of the female employee in the company’s activities and operations.

The first female Non-Executive Director of the company, Ms. Helen Emore who was in attendance at the conference noted that there was the need to encourage women to be active in the company as there is room for more women in Management, even at the Board level.

However, for women to take up this Management and Leadership positions, there is the need for self-development and also for everyone to take up mentoring the junior colleagues, with that being done regularly both individually and collectively, we are in our own little way to strengthen each other and the women clan collectively.

Three external Facilitators shared their wealth of knowledge and experience at the Conference. Mrs. Bimbo Onakomaiya, MD/CEO of Peak Thrust Insurance Brokers whose discussion centered on Excelling in a Competitive Market emphasized that every woman should be accountable to themselves and if they have something vital to offer no one will under value or underestimate what they are bringing to the table. Mrs. Ronke Oyewo a Human Resource Expert centered her discussion around Leadership Excellence: Leading Yourself and Others. She emphasized the importance of developing self and team work on the job as no man is an island and lastly Mrs. Adanma noted the need to continually be in tune with the changing technology as technology is the new order in the world.

Staying in tune with the changing technological space enables any individual to remain relevant in any sphere of life.

To cap up the conference, there was an interactive session that centered on work-life balance. Participants were very excited and agreed that the conference was timely and that it would certainly improve their performance both at the work place and in their private lives.


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