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UK Insurer Launches Travel Policies With COVID-19 Cover

tifgroup, a major travel insurance provider based in the UK, is now able to offer cover for certain events relating to COVID-19 across a wide range of its underwritten products according to an official announcement.

“We have been working hard with our insurers to create these new products with the customer in mind and are proud to offer them with the guarantee that we will be there to offer support and help you should you need it,” said tifgroup.

However, the insurance provider notes that the COVID-19 cover for its travel policies is only applicable if the insured did not travel against Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice and if the insured had no reasonable intention or likelihood of claiming at the time of purchasing the policy.

The newly revised policies include:

Cancellation cover for anyone named on the policy who contracts COVID-19 within 14 days of their trip starting
Curtailment cover for anyone named on the policy who contracts COVID-19 during their trip
Medical expenses in the event that anyone insured falls ill with COVID-19 while on holiday (as long as customers have not travelled against Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice)
‘Denied boarding’ coverage for anyone insured who is refused boarding on the inbound flight by an airline due to having or a suspected case of COVID-19.

Source : AIR


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